Alto Boxer Mini Cabrio kit – Composites only.


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Alto Boxer Mini Cabrio kit – Composites only.

This cabrio kit supplies you all the composite parts you need to modify your Mini into the Cabrio Boxer. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY STEEL WORK OR HOOD.

The composite kit consist of –

Inner and outer quarter window panels (4)

Rear quarter gutter panels (pair)

Roll hoop cover

Front hood support panel

Parcel shelf closing panel

These fibreglass components are manufactured from the original Alto moulds.

Due to shape and size, collection is advised or we can individually quote for shipping.

Images of built Alto Boxers are images we have been sent or found, We do not know who’s images all of them are.

Andy Middleditch sent us the images of his Black Cabrio with out the styling kit.


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