Clubman Premium 2 Piece front end – ST2 – SS


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Clubman Premium 2 Piece front end – ST2 – SS

This fibreglass 2 piece front end is manufactured from all new plug and tooling.

The front end has been made on a complete clubman body shell with the A panel to wing seam removed and smoothed and a ST2 spoiler added. The ST2 Spoiler is a take on the original Special Tuning front spoiler but this has now been extended at each end to drop down to give a flat base and a return across the front allows fitment of a flat splitter if required. The centre opening has also been straightened up giving more clearance for different subframe and engine configurations.

The front end has extended inner wing closing panels so if fitting the front to an original round front mini the gap created at the rear of the bonnet due to the different widths is now enclosed with the last 150mm able to be utilised as a fixing point to the car body.

The rear edge of the A panel/door aperture has a clean moulded edge that makes for easy alignment and can be trimmed smaller once fitted to allow the door to open past.

The under bonnet/inner wing top areas are moulded around the edges giving addition strength but may be trimmed to suit around other engine transplant conversions.

The front end is made from multiple piece moulds allowing the front to retain the original clubman style and lines making the fitting simpler.

The front end is supplied with the SS bonnet, please see other listings for more bonnet choices.

The front end is supplied in white gel-coat to be painted.


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